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Accessories, Hardware and Technical / Re: N64 partly powers on
« Last post by Jade on February 03, 2018, 11:58:33 PM »
Anything that runs for a while and then freezes or shuts down is probably your CPU or a bad IC. The CPU may be overheating or simply a bad chip.
Accessories, Hardware and Technical / Re: N64 partly powers on
« Last post by Tech#2 on February 03, 2018, 03:00:35 PM »
Sounds like you have a overheating chip or short somewhere on your motherboard. Could be a bad chip, bad contact on heat sink or something like that. The reason the led will come on after you remove power block is because the N64 power block has a self resetting fuse in it. When blown it will  cut off power to the N64, but will reset after a while if you remove power and wait a while.

I would suggest checking to see if the vents seem overly hot before it shuts off. If heat sink is seated correctly and is clean, I would suggest getting another motherbaord or finding a repair station that can replace the bad CPU.
Accessories, Hardware and Technical / N64 partly powers on
« Last post by Kakle on February 03, 2018, 10:52:22 AM »
My N64 wont power on (LED wont light up). But if i remove the power adapter, AV cable, controller, game and expansion pack and leave it for a day it will power on with led and all but it shuts off after 30~ sec. It is a EU PAL version if it matters.
 :Goodpost:  Nintendo is definitely the culprit here.  I have to agree that this whole NES Classic/SNES classic scarcity issue is total baloney! We all know that Nintendo could easily have made enough Nintendo SNES classics to satisfy everyone, especially in light of 2016 debacle over the NES classic. But the deliberately created this shortage for their own reasons. I have read a lot of different reasons why, but the bottom line is, they didn't want to fulfill the orders because they wanted people to buy the new Nintendo Switch. Now the damn SNES classic is selling for 300.00 new and in another year will probably be even more. Unless you buy them on Ebay, which means they probably won't even be new or working properly just repackaged as new.

One thing is clear. Nintendo doesn't really care about the American consummer's wants or needs anymore. The company has definitely changed.

When the Nintendo NES classic came out and there was a shortage of product that drove up the price, these meatheads at Nintendo said there wouldn't be a repeat of that with the SNES Classic, and yet here we are with the same problem again. Again they wouldn't produce enough systems and the price skyrocketed again. I don't blame the stores, individuals or the resellers, it's a matter of supply and demand. If I had a ciouple and I could get $200.00 for one, I would price it that way too. Nintendo gets all the blame for this. I heard that the SNES Classic is only going to be produced until the first month of 2018. And I still don't see any in the stores.  I really had hoped I wouldn't have to shell out $200+ dollars to get a new system but Nintendo has screwed us all again. Walmart said they accidentally activated pre-orders early and sold out in a little over 15 minutes. Nintendo obviously under produced the product yet again when they said they would not do that with the SNES Classic.  I was all set on having my children experience the SNES games like I did, but I must say these actions by Nintendo give me pause. Maybe to go to the modern systems like X-box and Playstation.. It's a shame because I have been a loyal customer for Nintendo for years. But they are driving me away. I went on and bought the system, but if something like this happens again, I am done with Nintendo for good!
Yeah, but why are they rare? If a lot of them were manufactured, where are they?

It's the unorthodox way they were made and that they weren't made long. The Gamecube console outputs digital video and audio. Though this is true to that proprietary port's name, few users actually had or used this. Nintendo never released any digital cable to use. Instead they made Gamecube component cables that had on-board electronics that turned video into analog, ignoring the audio. It's a backward way of doing things, but it saved them money.

I just have to say that the guy that said the quality difference with this component cable isn't too big of a difference is either clueless or doesn't know a quality picture. Most Gamecube games output 480p, which is twice the image information of 480i.
Accessories, Hardware and Technical / Re: Reset Button on my N64 is Jammed
« Last post by Wolfman on December 23, 2017, 03:51:00 PM »
Good info guys. I bought a N64 with this exact problem and now I know not to pry or grease it up. All for lack of a $2.50 security bit. :)

They say that components were starting to become in high-demand around the time the Gamecube  interest was starting to wane so not many were produced. Now they are super rare and collectors of Gamecube and Gamecube accessories are hording them. Beside, most top (and picky) Gamers want to get the best picture quality and these cables are what will give them that. Thus all that has been continually driving up the cost of the component cables.
Blinking Light win 5 times better than a 72 pin connector. It's built like the SNES connector, so obviously it's a much, much better connection. Just imagine SNES game pin connection versus NES pin connection and you'll know why.
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